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Drive True Population Health Management


Empower your clients to develop a plan to mitigate risk


Health Architect™: Helping clients create a Blueprint for a Healthier Workforce!

The Health Architect™ app is one of the latest tools from HM Health Solutions, designed to show your group clients how they can benefit from improved employee health and productivity, as well as what specific actions they can take to make those improvements happen.

The Health Architect approach goes beyond merely telling clients about problem areas to showing clients the impact of even small improvements in their employees' health and wellness on their bottom line.

The Health Architect drives true population health management by addressing a specific client's present and future risk.

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The Health Architect is an immensely powerful tool for making the business case. "When clients see the actual dollar figures, we get quicker buy-in and implementation of a wellness plan," stated a clinical client relations manager of a HM Health Solutions health plan partner. Heath Architect — one tool that does it all!

It integrates:

  • An estimated cost and savings calculator based on client-specific data and populations
  • Measurable objectives and an action plan that clients can customize
  • A population health management approach

It demonstrates:

  • A review of lifestyle risk and chronic condition prevalence, as well as the various direct and indirect costs associated with those risks and conditions
  • The development of measurable objectives based on the categories that are driving a client's costs and trends
  • A tangible action plan based on a client's culture, resources, budget, and preferred programs, actions, and initiatives

It provides:

  • Real-time results identifying areas of strength and opportunity
  • Measurable targets and a customized action plan

Health Architect video

Learn more by watching the brief video.

How the Health Architect Works

The Health Architect app is built around four basic pillars of developing and implementing a comprehensive health management and wellness program:

  1. Risk
  2. Prevalence
  3. Strategy
  4. Action

Risk: An aggregate overview of clients' specific risk relative to gender and age distribution, claims history, information from Wellness Profiles, and non-user patterns

Prevalence: A review of clients' specific prevalence of lifestyle risk and preventable chronic conditions, along with the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism and lost productivity

Strategy: Measurable objectives based on eight key wellness factors: Building a Culture, Quitting Tobacco, Get Moving, Losing Weight, Managing Stress, Living Well, Eating Better, and Rewarding Health Behavior

Action: An action plan based on a client's culture, resources, budget, and preferred programs, actions, and initiatives

Culture Architect™

A supportive culture provides the foundation for a successful and sustainable worksite health and wellness program. The Health Architect™ app includes a feature called Culture Architect™ that focuses on four essential health culture categories that significantly influence an employees' health and wellness choices, behaviors, commitment, and engagement.

The four essential health culture categories include:

  • Organizational Commitment: Strong commitment from the top down. The more visible the support from leaders and management, the greater the participation and interest at the team and individual levels.
  • Supportive Environment: Adoption of proactive policies and practices influences positive behaviors and works to sustain them.
  • Healthy Infrastructure: Successful health and wellness programs require champions to plan, communicate, and advocate the program.
  • Execution and Evaluation: Results and outcomes, such as participation rates or changes in risk and prevalence, are critical to the sustainability of any health and wellness program.

By using Health Architect™ and specifically the Culture Architect™ scorecard, health plan partner clients can gain insight into specific strengths and opportunities for improvement within their health and wellness culture.

Please contact a HM Health Solutions client executive to learn more about Health Architect and request a demo. Health Architect is a trademark of Highmark Inc.

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